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My goal as a certified life coach is to help you create a life aligned to who you are and what you want. I will partner with you to clarify a vision for your future, identify and overcome obstacles to that vision, and act to realize what you want.

My approach can be distilled into a few words: curated, comprehensive, and holistic.

My work is curated to each client, session-by-session. I will strive to understand your unique needs and tailor my approach to you. My support is comprehensive - I will partner with you from goal formation through realizing the change you want. I also take a holistic approach to coaching, believing that each facet of your life is inextricably linked.


Steps to Life Design

Too often, who we are and what we want does not inform our reality.

As a life coach, I help clients align their innate design and their life design. How?

A well-designed life begins with understanding your design.

Together, we'll answer some fundamental questions through conversation, assessments, exercises, and other resources all thoughtfully curated for you.

Once we understand your design, we'll consider the possibilities for your life.

How can you transform your relationships, habits, and hobbies to create alignment? I'll partner with you as you act to realize a well-designed life.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

— Warren Buffet

By working together, we can clarify your goals and work to reach them. We begin by envisioning the future and gaining insight about what is essential to you - your essential relationships, essential values, and essential priorities. We then take steps to help align your life to what you want most - be it peace of mind, thriving relationships, growth, or a greater sense of joy and fulfillment. You’ll have a partner every step of the way to reach your goals.

Life Aspirations




Top 8 Life Coaching Topics

If you're in a life transition, I serve as an ally and a thought partner. After experiencing personal and professional transition, transition became a passion of mine. Now having served many clients during seasons of change, transitions have become a skill. I often partner with clients to re-design life amidst becoming a parent (more on this below), losing a relationship, divorcing, a new relationship, moving, creating a new community, retiring, and grieving.

Life Transitions



Cap saw beyond hER self-imposted limitations

"Brandy is a coach who is passionate about helping her clients reach the goals that matter most to them."

Through skillful questioning, compassionate curiosity, and authentic relationship building, Brandy co-creates a safe space where clients are encouraged to dream big and "try on" other perspectives. Brandy helps me see beyond my self-imposed limitations and consider other vantage points to imagine the life I want to live and the impact I want to have in the world.

Brandy knows that supporting her clients on their path to achieving their big picture vision also requires breaking down the path into manageable milestones. As a small business owner, Brandy helps me stay on track and inspires accountability for living a life grounded in my core values. I have worked with Brandy informally and formally over the past 10 years and I recommend her coaching practice without any hesitation.


"During my first session with Brandy, I immediately felt home. I don't know what it is, but her coaching style is one that's rooted in peace, freedom, and sincerity."

I felt like I can tell her anything, and it's almost as if I were talking to a lifelong friend. Her coaching doesn't stop at the end of the hour either. After each session, Brandy's always there to help or serve when I text or email her with something I'm having trouble with.

After each session, I'm always amazed at what I haven't been able to see myself. That being said, she's definitely given me what I was looking for, but more importantly, she's transformed my emotional, mental, and spiritual life.


"Brandy has been an instrumental force in helping me reimagine and pursue my personal and professional goals which has resulted in an extremely satisfying and successful career integration path."

I very much appreciate her ability to facilitate awareness and action related to new opportunities, and she is particularly gifted in assisting me in planning and maintaining focus to achieve my desired results. Thank you, Brandy!


"I have been working with Brandy for about six months now and my life has improved exponentially! I've finally found it within myself to start chasing my dreams . . ."

Speaking with Brandy once a week helps me sustain momentum in achieving my goals and feeling confident and collected while I do it.

My life has completely turned around in large part to Brandy's coaching and she is the first person I would recommend to ANYBODY looking to make a change in their life.

Maybe you've asked: "What is my purpose?" and you long for an answer. We all need a life purpose. It's the motivating force that animates our lives. It's a reason for being - something larger than ourselves. Knowing our purpose helps us navigate our lives, make choices, find meaning. If you want a renewed sense of purpose, coaching can help. My hope is that, on the other side of this work, you experience a life that is rich and fulfilling - that you experience thriving. 

Purpose + Thriving



We are continually in transition. Whether you're a new parent, parent to a toddler, have a growing family, or have school-aged children, these shifts are happening. Together, we'll examine what's working and what's not - and take steps to close the gap. What are your pain points? Maybe it's a desire for connection or a meaning. Perhaps it's the desire to nurture yourself amidst the demands of life. Maybe it's a needed career move. We (and the world) tend to focus on the needs of our kids. Our focus will be on you. 

Mothers + Fathers

your needs matter, too


HOW coaching has helped parents:

"More at peace and confident."

I'm so glad I trusted Brandy and her practice. Brandy is professional, kind and has made me feel truly cared for in our sessions. She has helped me navigate my thoughts and feelings in all aspects of my life. From relationships, to being a new parent and now transitioning back into a career, she has listened to me and helped me find ways to cope and move forward in a positive way. 

Once anxious and overwhelmed, I now feel more at peace and confident in my ability to address life's challenges and I owe SO much of this to Brandy! I have recommended Brandy to my family and all of my close friends and know that anyone who works with her would do the same.


"Allows me to see things from a different perspective."

I very much needed someone to help me navigate my own thoughts ... the decision to have her as my coach has been life changing! Brandy is an INCREDIBLE listener, who is patient, and has this gift of being able to change my mindset and help me realize what it is that I enjoy in life, both personally and professionally. 

Each week I walk away with a sense of accomplishment and clarity. Brandy picks up on a tiniest hint of hesitation in my voice and is able to paraphrase my own words in a way that makes sense to me and allows me to see things from a different perspective. I can't recommend Brandy enough.


"A greater sense of fulfillment."

Where do I begin? Brandy has helped me tremendously with things that seemed so difficult to overcome and figure out on my own. I have a high demand job and responsibilities and Brandy really helped me clarify my vision, goals, and even helped me dream bigger than I ever would have thought.

Since working with Brandy, I have gained confidence, clarity, motivation, and a new found drive for my future that has subsequently affected every area of my life. I am now experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment and will be forever grateful for our coaching sessions . . . There are certain things in life that are priceless and this has definitely been one of those things for me.


"A practical path."

It has been so helpful working with Brandy. She listens really well and helps the other person make connections among their various ideas, goals, and accomplishments. Brandy helps clarify a practical path toward bringing goals to fruition. She also draws on her own life experience and applies it where relevant.

Brandy seems to have an ability to articulate what the other person is trying to say in a way that moves a conversation forward, from exploring ideas, to having some concrete ideas for new approaches.


When you feel like you're enough, you have the confidence to tackle hard challenges, overcome adversities, take up space, negotiate a better offer, refuse to settle, and invest in yourself. Life becomes more beautiful and vibrant when you know you’re worthy of good things. My greatest calling as a coach is is to help you feel worthy of the life you want - and then to help you create it.

Confidence +



Our relationships matter, and healthy relationships are fundamental to thriving. As a certified relationship coach, I can support you as you navigate an existing relationship - with a partner, colleague, family member, or friend.  If you want a new relationship, coaching can help you pursue a partner. If you'd like support addressing conflict in a relationship, I'll leverage my background as a former mediator to help.

Navigating Relationships



We were never meant to live in isolation - we are designed to be among others, and to experience the support and belonging that come from being in community. Maybe you're starting somewhere new, and need to discover ways to create new relationships. Perhaps you're evolving as a person, and want those in your community to evolve, too. My goal? To help make this work feel less like work and more like a joy. To help you find your people. 

Finding Community



In order to obtain a goal or live the life you want, you may discover obstacles in your way. We can tackle behavioral obstacles such as time management, task management, stress management, boundaries, and habits. We can also challenge thought obstacles - the things you may be thinking that are preventing you from realizing the life you want. Our work can help you find clarity,  motivation, and hope - all to create quality of life. 

Overcoming Obstacles



I’ve seen small shifts lead to big changes. 

I've seen small shifts lead to big changes. 

Time Management = Get a better handle on your time, with tools like Deep Work and Essentialism

Task Management = We’ll help you stop feeling frazzled, get clear about your priorities, and have a system for managing tasks

Stress Management = We can audit and reduce stressors and pursue evidence-based ways to release stress

Habit Management = We’ll leverage the science of habit formation to help you create or break a habit






Let's do this

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