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Career Coaching

We start with getting clear about where you'd like to be. We then reverse-engineer the steps you'll need to take to get there, and make it actionable. Whether you seek a career change, career development, or adjustments to fit your career and life together, coaching can help.

You’re here for a reason. And it’s a valid one - your work is a major part of your life. You want a career that is fulfilling and meets your needs. It’s not a big ask. 

If you’ve felt stuck, like you’re settling, or want to evolve and push past barriers, coaching can help you get where you want to be. Whatever obstacles your facing in your career, we can overcome them, together.  Let's challenge those thoughts that say "It's too late" or "I can't have that." Let's get you to a place in your career where you can say: "I'm exactly where I want to be." I've seen the transformation that happens in people when they become happy at work. 


If you're looking for:


You want to tap your potential - to feel like you're making an impact or that your work matters. You want joy in your work.


You want work that allows for quality of life, with ample flexibility and freedom to enjoy the things and the people that matter to you.


You want to feel like you're leveraging your strengths and that your work suits you - like it was tailor-made for you. 

I can help
with that.

I've helped hundreds of clients get to where they want to be in their careers. You don't have to have it all figured out - most of my clients are still getting clear about what they want. Wherever you are, that's where we'll begin.

All we've got to do is get started.


Career Transition

You know it’s time to move on, but you want to know how. I have expertise that can help.


Career Development

You want to grow, make an impact, and maybe get unstuck. We’ll create a plan and see it through.


Parents in Transition

When our home lives become more demanding or more important, our work may need to evolve. 

Career Transition

Maybe you're ready for a career transition. Perhaps work feels like exchanging the hours of your life for a paycheck. Maybe you want to get unstuck, find fulfillment, and grow. I serve as a strategic partner to help you make moves in your career.

 Perhaps the challenge is that you aren't sure what you want, professionally. Together, we can cultivate options and map your options against who you are and what you want to discern the best path forward. We'll utilize data science tools, assessments, and design thinking to help us with this work.

Once you know what you want, we'll get strategic to help you realize your vision. 

This can include developing a job search strategy and articulating your value proposition via your resume, online profiles, cover letters, and interviews. Our work will help you develop clarity and confidence to act without anxiety and secure your next role.


To get started, connect with me for a consultation. From there, we'll design a cadence that works for you given your needs and sense of urgency.


"The guiding force I've never had and always needed."

I’m so grateful to have found Brandy and had the opportunity to work with her. Brandy was the guiding force I’ve never had and always needed. She’s proactive yet gentle, a visionary yet realist.

After a few sessions, she helped me surface a career field that blends the essential skills and passions I was most interested in; truth be told, I never even knew this job or career field existed.

Brandy also helped me to identify the different paths forward to achieve them with a step-by-step plan. Each session with her felt like I was talking to a long time friend and produced so many “lightbulb moments” and actionable plans. Brandy truly helped me to uncover so many new and exciting future opportunities.


"Powerful, enlightening, and no joke."

Sessions with Brandy are powerful, enlightening, and no joke. After a 60-minute meeting you'll leave with practical strategies, plans, and direction for your professional aspirations . . . she guides you through exercises, discussion, and goal setting to help you along the road of discovering your career passion.

Brandy's exercises are focused and revealing and can be done between meetings or in-session with her guidance. She does her homework prior to discussions so expect an agenda, session goals, recap of what you've discovered so far, and several options as to what you want to accomplish in the meeting. I highly recommend working Brandy; big fan.


"She made the process hopeful and more exciting."

I was so grateful to have Brandy's perspective as I began my job search. She helped me think more "blue sky" about what's possible for me and kept me from settling on what seemed to "make sense." Instead of a slog, she made the process hopeful and more exciting, like I could make anything happen.

Above all, Brandy helped me find a much needed balance in my job search. I spent way less time spinning on job sites and LinkedIn and prioritized my own wellness, which ultimately went a long way in getting me a job. I recommend Brandy if you need someone to help center you and guide you to think about what you really want out of your life, instead of just what seems possible career-wise.


"I landed a position with a company I've always looked up to."

I started working with Brandy when I was thinking about changing industries and needed some guidance. Luckily for me, Brandy is an expert at career changes and was able to help me build my personal brand so that I would look attractive to potential employers. The tools and exercises that Brandy utilizes helped me a lot by refining my personal brand and picking out my strong experiences so that I stand out as an applicant.

After a couple months of working with Brandy, I landed a position with a company that I have always looked up to. I would not have been able to have the confidence to apply and interview without Brandy's support.


"Whip smart and an excellent thought partner."

I highly recommend Brandy! She led me through valuable brainstorms about what I dreamed of in a job and helped me pull that together into a decision matrix narrowing in on roles. She provided resources and guidance to determine my core values, key motivators, and strengths and used that to help me build my personal brand. She also provided tactical help on cleaning up my LinkedIn and resume to reflect my personal brand.

Brandy is easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. She is whip smart and an excellent thought partner to help you navigate a career or job change.


"Working with brandy has been invaluable to me."

I highly recommend working with Brandy as a coach. She was referred to me by a friend who also really loved working with her and I have recommended her to several other people I know.

When I started working with Brandy, I had very little motivation or confidence about working anywhere at all. We have been working together now for several weeks at a steady pace, and I now have a resume that I feel very good about, and excitement to take the step into a new work adventure.

Working with Brandy has been invaluable to me. Truth be told, I will miss having our sessions together.


"A much better job and a much happier life."

​I mean what can I say? I was in law firm hell, really wondering the heck I was doing with my life. Being able to talk to someone who also had [law] experience was wildly beneficial for my mental health.  

Before going to any sort of life coach, I was super skeptical. But truly hashing things out with a neutral party really helps.

I ended up moving, finding a much better job and am living a much happier life. Go to Brandy!



Career Development

You have goals for your career - some may be defined, some may be rather undefined. But you know you want more - more growth, more fulfillment, more tapping your potential, more opportunity, more impact

Maybe a radical transition - to another company, role, or industry - is not your aim. You just need a plan to develop yourself as a professional, expert, manager, or leader. You may need executive coaching, communication coaching, or presentation coaching. 

The first step to reach beyond your current career circumstances is clarity about what you want next.

We can partner to define what type of professional, manager, or leader you hope to become. We'll then get strategic to determine how to get you there. We can work on effective communication, executive presence, and leadership skills. You may want to up-level your time and task management skills. Perhaps you need to develop the negotiation skills to change your role.

Whether your goals are defined or undefined, we'll get started moving you towards a better career. It's an investment in yourself, and your future self will thank you.

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"Evolved my outlook on leadership, creativity, and teamwork."

Brandy introduced me to a wealth of materials and frameworks that quickly helped direct my job search and clarify a few urgent decisions. Brandy also directed me to a number of outside resources - our discussions about which evolved my outlook on leadership, creativity, and teamwork. This was an unexpected but super high-value outcome of our work together.

Brandy's style, as both a coach and thought partner, is a great balance of detail-oriented and organized but without being formulaic. I highly recommend working with her!


"More invigorated and curious."

Brandy is an empathetic and powerful listener and coach. She creates a safe space needed for self-reflection, while simultaneously challenging you to add rigor and honesty to your exploration. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, bringing new ideas, processes, templates and tools to each session. I left each conversation feeling more invigorated and curious than when I began.

I would absolutely recommend Brandy, whether you are going through a career transition or are simply looking to invest in and learn more about your professional self.


"An instrumental force."

Brandy has been an instrumental force in helping me reimagine and pursue my personal and professional goals which has resulted in an extremely satisfying and successful career integration path.

I very much appreciate her ability to facilitate awareness and action related to new opportunities, and she is particularly gifted in assisting me in planning and maintaining focus to achieve my desired results. Thank you, Brandy!


"Made me much more positive."

Working with Brandy has been extremely beneficial for me. She has helped me to prioritize, change my mindset and organize my time to be able to attend to the things that matter most to me.

It has made me much more positive and open to possibilities for joy and fulfillment in my career. I am very grateful for our work together.


"A greater sense of fulfillment."

Where do I begin? Brandy has helped me tremendously with things that seemed so difficult to overcome and figure out on my own. I have a high demand job and responsibilities and Brandy really helped me clarify my vision, goals, and even helped me dream bigger than I ever would have thought. 

Since working with Brandy, I have gained confidence, clarity, motivation, and a new found drive for my future that has subsequently affected every area of my life. I am now experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment and will be forever grateful for our coaching sessions . . . There are certain things in life that are priceless and this has definitely been one of those things for me.


Parents In Transition

There are so many things to consider as you navigate your career - even more so when you are a parent. ​As your home life evolves - becoming more important or more demanding - your work may need to evolve, too.

​Whether you're returning to work after time away, need to negotiate a new arrangement with your employer, or want to make a meaningful career change, coaching can help. If your job has become depleting or unfulfilling, you don't have to settle.

Our work will begin by creating clarity around your options and then determining the best path forward.

We'll then get strategic to help you realize your vision. This can include developing a negotiation strategy or a job search strategy. Our work can help you articulate your value as a candidate via your resume, cover letters, and interviews.

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HOW coaching has helped parents:

"More at peace and confident."

I'm so glad I trusted Brandy and her practice. Brandy is professional, kind and has made me feel truly cared for in our sessions. She has helped me navigate my thoughts and feelings in all aspects of my life. From relationships, to being a new parent and now transitioning back into a career, she has listened to me and helped me find ways to cope and move forward in a positive way. 

Once anxious and overwhelmed, I now feel more at peace and confident in my ability to address life's challenges and I owe SO much of this to Brandy! I have recommended Brandy to my family and all of my close friends and know that anyone who works with her would do the same.


"Allows me to see things from a different perspective."

I very much needed someone to help me navigate my own thoughts ... the decision to have her as my coach has been life changing! Brandy is an INCREDIBLE listener, who is patient, and has this gift of being able to change my mindset and help me realize what it is that I enjoy in life, both personally and professionally. 

Each week I walk away with a sense of accomplishment and clarity. Brandy picks up on a tiniest hint of hesitation in my voice and is able to paraphrase my own words in a way that makes sense to me and allows me to see things from a different perspective. I can't recommend Brandy enough.


"A greater sense of fulfillment."

Where do I begin? Brandy has helped me tremendously with things that seemed so difficult to overcome and figure out on my own. I have a high demand job and responsibilities and Brandy really helped me clarify my vision, goals, and even helped me dream bigger than I ever would have thought.

Since working with Brandy, I have gained confidence, clarity, motivation, and a new found drive for my future that has subsequently affected every area of my life. I am now experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment and will be forever grateful for our coaching sessions . . . There are certain things in life that are priceless and this has definitely been one of those things for me.


"A practical path."

It has been so helpful working with Brandy. She listens really well and helps the other person make connections among their various ideas, goals, and accomplishments. Brandy helps clarify a practical path toward bringing goals to fruition. She also draws on her own life experience and applies it where relevant.

Brandy seems to have an ability to articulate what the other person is trying to say in a way that moves a conversation forward, from exploring ideas, to having some concrete ideas for new approaches.


Is This Right For You?

You need to finally make time for a career change

You're overwhelmed by getting started or making progress

You want to feel at ease about work so you can enjoy the rest of your life

You're done settling for work that doesn't suit you

You're ready to invest in yourself and seek a partner to help you


Let's Get Started.

The next step is to book a complimentary consultation with me below.  It's a chance to share what you hope to get from coaching and to get your questions answered. If it's a good fit, we'll create a plan for the work ahead.  My hope is that coaching is empowering, supportive, and transforms your work life.