Group Coaching

Get intentional about your next personal or professional group gathering. Together, we can create greater connection, more meaningful collaboration, or individual learning and growth. We'll thoughtfully curate a topic for your group - whether your gathering is a full-day retreat, a virtual gathering, a professional off-site, or a lunch-time workshop. 

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Group coaching is a transformative experience and can be used to navigate transitions, cultivate self-awareness, build teams, design a mission, or cultivate stronger relationships rooted in trust.

As a Harvard-trained mediator and certified relationship coach, I am well-versed at helping groups improve dynamics, communication, and relationships.

If, instead, your group is looking for a celebratory gathering or engaging retreat, we can create something specific for your group. Get in touch to start designing your next event.


I already loved my team, but I definitely felt more connected with them after our day together. 

She was the perfect facilitator for our group, and really tailored her coaching to us.

I learned that I am certainly not alone in doubting myself. 

I understand my teammates and have a better sense of team cohesiveness
and loyalty. 

There were so many thought provoking questions and perspectives on life. 

Brandy has a calm but commanding presence. Her style is caring, thoughtful, and uplifting.


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Skill Build

Use your gathering as an opportunity to build skills that will help the group and each individual thrive.


Team Culture

Get intentional to create something that everyone wants to be a part of - trust-filled, supportive, effective. 


Life Design

Thoughtfully consider where you’d like your life to be - so you take the steps to get there. 

Group Coaching Inspiration


Career Design

Learn the tried-and-true approaches to grow in your career, navigating negotiations, or make a change.

Workshop Inspiration: Skills

Burnout Prevention

Burnout is an occupational hazard that occurs when stress accumulates, unmanaged. We'll discuss reducing stressors through boundaries, margins, and buffers. We'll also explore six evidence-based methods of stress release and practical ways to implement them in your life.

Time + Task Management

Thoughtful management of your time and tasks is essential skill for a well-designed life. In this workshop, we'll apply evidence-based methods for time and task management. We'll touch on concepts from NYTimes Bestsellers: Atomic Habits by James Clear and Deep Work by Cal Newport.

Effective Negotiation

The capacity to negotiate is crucial in many areas of our lives - whether we're advocating for ourselves, pursuing a promotion, or navigating a difficult situation, we'll need to leverage negotiation skills. Learn the essentials of effective negotiation and leave feeling confident.

Workshop Inspiration: culture

Effective Communication

Want to help your group cultivate healthier styles of communication and encourage trust-filled relationships? In this workshop, we'll develop a framework for effective communication. If needed, I can leverage my background in mediation to encourage effective problem-solving.

Becoming Essentialist

Let's define what's essential, unleash greater efficacy, and improve the quality of our work and lives. From Greg McKeown's Essentialism: "It is about making the wisest possible investment of your time and energy in order to operate at our highest point of contribution by doing only what is essential.” It's all about less but better.

Managing for Trust

Whether you're an established leader or new to management, managing for trust is good for you, good for your team, and good for business. Learn about the neuroscience of trust and how to lead and empower your talent in a way that's proven to promote engagement, productivity, and retention.

Workshop Inspiration: life design

Life Design 101

Life Design is about taking actionable steps to live a life aligned with your innate design, values, and priorities. We'll explore four steps to Life Design: (1) Understand your design; (2) Get clear about your vision; (3) Identify and challenge thought obstacles; and (4) Identify and overcome behavioral obstacles. 

Grow in Self-Awareness

What motivates you? What is engaging and energizing to you? What are your values? What are your strengths? The answers to these questions serve as a compass we can reference as we navigate our lives. Know who you are so you can better define what's aligned and what you want.

Habits for Thriving

Being in control of our lives begins at micro-level with our habits. Our habits add up to create our reality.  In this retreat, we'll discuss the building blocks of habit formation with tactical steps you can apply right away. We'll also discuss the evidence-based methods to break habits that don't serve us.

Workshop Inspiration: CAREER DESIGN

Parents in Transition

This workshop is designed to support parents who are new to parenthood, new to their roles, transitioning back to work after time away, or just wanting to find a better balance.  As parents, we're constantly learning and evolving. How we interact with our work and lives must evolve, too. 

Career Transition

We'll explore the fundamentals of a career transition, including whether to transition. We'll then work to understand your options, define your value, and create a transition plan. Participants will walk away with increased clarity and greater confidence in their ability to transition.

Value Proposition

What is a value proposition? Think of it as the takeaway you want an employer or client to have about you. ⁠Together, we'll walk through the three steps to define your personal brand and how to share it with others. By putting in the work to define your value, you make it easy for others to understand.


"The perfect combination of inspiration and tactical skill development."

Brandy ran an amazing and thoughtful workshop for the Haas Women in Leadership Club and it was one of the best workshops I have ever attended! Because of Brandy's deep knowledge of professional coaching and experience, she was able to deliver the perfect combination of inspiration and tactical skill development. She was also prepared with research on current topics, anticipating multiple questions from the group.

Not only did she share relevant and insightful content, she also delivered it in a way that was interactive and easy to absorb. After walking us through [an exercise], we were paired into breakout rooms to apply our learnings straightaway. I took away several strategies [for] my summer internship - I wouldn't have been able to step into my role as confidently without Brandy's workshop!



"Brandy went above and beyond - very happy with our choice."

The NASA Ames Early Career Network (ECN) recently hired Brandy. In preparation for the workshop, Brandy took the time to meet with the ECN Professional Development Committee (of which I am a member) to ensure she was clear on the workshop goals and that she had a thorough understanding of her audience. She provided a detailed workshop schedule well in advance, which allowed us to recruit over 100 attendees.

Brandy’s attitude and delivery was warm and inviting, providing a comfortable atmosphere that encouraged our attendees to ask questions and kept them all engaged. As the workshop was wrapping up, Brandy went above and beyond by providing her contact info to all of our attendees. Since the conclusion of the workshop, my e-mail has been flooded with gratitude. All of us on the NASA Ames ECN Professional Development Committee are very happy with our choice to hire Brandy.



"An expert in her craft... Her style is compelling and enjoyable."

Brandy led an excellent workshop on navigating career transitions for the Harvard Club of San Francisco. We had great attendance of nearly 50 attendees and meaningful engagement from the group. Many of the participants stayed on for another 45 minutes after the presentation to ask questions and get support. We are grateful she was gracious with her time as she added so much value during the Q&A. 

Attendees shared that they found the workshop to be motivating, encouraging, and tactical. It is clear that Brandy is an expert in her craft, but she's also skilled at presentations. Her style is compelling and enjoyable. I enthusiastically recommend Brandy for your next workshop or event.



Let’s create something special, together.

The next step to partner with me for your group gathering is to schedule a complimentary consultation. We can build off an idea you’ve seen here or curate something unique for your group.

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